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Radical Dreamers English Patch v.1.2
» January 10, 2004
While it was released early last month, I was unaware of it until now. The group of folks at Neo Demiforce updated their Radical Dreamers page with an updated (version 1.2) English patch for the ROM, which features some bugfixes over the 1.1 version. They also released the script and its encoder for the game along with the patch. Head on over to the site to get them both.

No More Chrono Break?
» January 10, 2004
An update to the Chrono Break page reports on today's news of Square Enix abandoning the 'Chrono Break' trademark. Not all hope is lost, though. Click the link and read on for more.

Overdue Update
» November 15, 2003
The first update since April. Wow. I'm not one for updating a site just to say there's no updates, which is why nothing has been posted since then. That said, I'm not promising updates within any certain timeframe, so maybe we'll see more soon, or not; depends on my free time. Regardless, after some server issues, the site is back, and now sporting a new "Chrono Break" page, compiling all the known info on what might be the next entry in the series. There have been a few cosmetic changes as well, and I DO hope to add more content here and there. We'll see.

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