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Chrono Trigger: Resurrection
» July 6, 2004...10:00p

No doubt, many fans of Chrono Trigger have, over the years, wondered how the game would look remade with modern technology. Now, some fans talented in programming and other fun stuff have actually been investing themselves in such a project.

Titled Chrono Trigger: Resurrection, the project aims to re-create 10 scenes from CT in full 3D, all made and rendered from scratch. The game will also feature rearranged music. In fact, all of this information and more, plus a host of screen shots and music samples, are available on the project website. So go take a look there to see that this is really worth getting excited about.

A trailer is currently planned for release this August, with the full product (which they refer to as a 'demo' due to not being the entire game) due around Christmas. Assuming everything goes as planned, this could be a very interesting holiday season.

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