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What Is It?
Many years ago, Nintendo released an add-on for the Super Famicom (Japan's version of the Super NES), which allowed players to play games via a satellite system, called Satellaview. Square made 4 games for this add-on, one of which was Radical Dreamers (the others were a driving RPG, a dating sim, and a traditional RPG, in case you were wondering). Radical Dreamers was a text-based RPG, with not much in the way of graphics aside from still backgrounds. Gameplay involved reading screen after screen of text, and making decisions that could alter the course of the story. When offered choices to make, you're usually given multiple unique options, instead of the standard "Yes/No" fare. Liken the game to a Choose Your Own Adventure book, if you will.
...And I Care Because?
Radical Dreamers was, in effect, the basis of Chrono Cross' story, and also tied up a certain loose end in Chrono Trigger. As best as I can guess, Radical Dreamers' existance was based mostly on this. This Chrono Trigger tie-in wasn't all there was to the story of course. RD followed Serge, Kid and Gill as they attempted to steal the legendary Frozen Flame from Yamaneko's manor. Chrono Cross' main characters are the same: Serge, Kid and Yamaneko (Lynx).
Where Can I Get It?
You can't. To the best of my knowledge, since the games on the Satellaview were played with satellite or something, I don't think players actually went to a store and purchased a physical copy. (Though if the game did exist in this form, I doubt you'd ever find one today) There is a ROM of Radical Dreamers, though it's compatibility with emulators is limited, plus it's rare. Not to mention if you DID get it, without extensive Japanese knowledge, you wouldn't be able to enjoy it. However, read the next topic for a solution...
Radical Dreamers ROM & Translation
The RD ROM can pretty picky about what emulators it will play on. As far as Windows goes, ZSNES or SNES9X should work. On the Mac, the more recent versions of SNES9X support it, though older ones do not. Get the ROM here. As of April 15th, 2003, a few people over at Neo Demiforce finally finished their long project of translating the game. Head on over there to download the patch, and consider writing them an e-mail to thank them for undertaking and completing such a huge project. Also, please direct any tech support questions regarding installation of the patch their way (or just read the Read Me), as I'm not the one to answer such things.

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